Installation & Retrofit

Retrofit Project – YMCA Air Heat Recovery Units


Removed and replaced two 100% outdoor air heat recovery units. A 100-ton crane and two flatbed trailers were required to truck the new equipment in to the jobsite and the old units out. Once in place, the new units were up and running in 48 hours.

Retrofit Project – YMCA Air Heat Recovery Units2022-02-10T17:02:18+00:00

Retrofit Project – Sears Tower Repair


Armistead Mechanical, Inc. Services had this structural steel fabricated in order to refurbish the water cooling tower for the Sears store at the Newburgh Mall.

Retrofit Project – Sears Tower Repair2022-02-10T16:59:03+00:00

Retrofit Project – Metal Container


A 25-year old 75-ton rooftop unit was replaced in one day for Metal Container, a manufacturing plant for Budweiser beer cans. Armistead has performed many different projects of varying sizes for the facility.

Retrofit Project – Metal Container2022-02-10T16:43:06+00:00